About Sutliff Studios: Virtual Productions

Sutliff Studios: Virtual Productions is founded by award winning filmmaker and director/producer Keith Sutliff. Sutliff Studios: VP is a full-service Virtual Production Studio with state of the art technology for the ultimate user experience. Using high resolution LED panels to create a 3D environment of the user’s choice gives the production instant access to change location of filming in a matter of a split second. This allows faster filming to meet the production schedule. 

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How it works

Sutliff Studios: VP uses a gaming program called Unreal Engine to create the 3D environment of the user’s preference such as desert, mountains, woods, inner city, roads, and more. This, in conjunction with the term “parallax” (unison of camera movement and elements shifting perspective on screen), enables the environment to change on screen as the camera moves, thereby creating an ultra-realistic appearance of a single physical location.

Environments can be instantaneously changed in real time with certain objects such as rocks, light poles, puddles, and sunlight direction moved or even removed from the screen. No longer do production teams have to get a shot off before sundown or worry about weather conditions, logistics of cast/crew getting stuck in bad terrain enroute to set, or traveling from one location to the next. With this studio everything can be done quick and seamless in one location. A fully equipped LED panel wall for any production.