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Virtual Production Magazine Winter 2023
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What is virtual production? 

Virtual production is a combination of virtual elements and physical assets used together to create an environment with the help of unique software systems. This allows virtual graphics to be viewed in real time by people on the production team while filming.

Advantages of Virtual Production:

Cost and Time Efficiency

Virtual production eliminates the need to film on location. You don’t have to spend exorbitantly on location scouting, experience delays caused by weather changes, or incur transportation costs for crew and equipment. The time and money saved can be reinvested in other crucial activities, such as refining shot composition and actor direction. The possibility of reshoots and post-production adjustments is also reduced significantly.
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Improved Visibility and Understanding

With traditional filmmaking, it meant many crew members were somewhat in the dark about how the CGI graphics or the re-edited storylines would look until the shoot was over. Virtual production allows for clarity from previs to post and creates room to make changes earlier.  

Creatives get a sneak peek into the virtual world. The actors and filmmakers get to see what the set is like in real life and on camera as viewers will see it. With this, there is room for improvement and refinement on the go.

Smooth Transitions On-set and Total Environment Control

With a virtual environment, there is minimal disruption to the shooting process, thus smoother transitions between scenes. Additionally, since everything happens at the exact location, it’s easier to shoot several scenes simultaneously.

Unlike traditional filmmaking, in a virtual location, there is total control of erratic aspects like lighting, weather, and time. It is possible to immediately change the environment or any asset in use without spending extra money. 

The game engine and virtual production give filmmakers total control to change the landscape and tweak lighting to achieve desired effects. 

This helps to eliminate the bulk of the work in post-production compared to green screen shoots. Scene transitions with different landscapes is also possible without much complexity. 

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Additional Advantages of Virtual Production:

Enhance Refinement For Better Creativity

With virtual production, your team gets more time in the filming location to work on other aspects that enhance creativity. You get to reduce errors significantly. It allows ample time to refine your shot composition and improve the actor’s blocking and movements, among other things, to a better degree.

Extensive & Customizable Asset Library

Virtual production can combine pre-made assets from libraries with virtual assets. These are easily adaptable and don’t require new work for different productions. It allows studios to save costs more by eliminating the need to store and transport physical assets.

Creative Ideation

Creatives can be more explorative with their vision even before they visit the actual film location. Virtual production empowers them to visualize the environment and the type of shots to take.

Makes Virtual Collaboration Possible

Distributed teams from all around the world can now collaborate easily to create virtual content. Filmmakers can connect with a global network of talent and expertise without having to be in the same location. It's possible to do more with the same budget thanks to the expanding availability of alternatives.